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King Cake


Small: $30 (Serves 8-12)

Medium: $45 (Serves 15-30)

Large: $60 (Serves 30+)

Item only available for pickup or delivery within the Los Angeles, CA metro area.


To order please call 323-759-7188 or fill out the form below:

About King Cakes

The King Cake is a coffeecake/pastry with icing & a streusel filling that is the king of all New Orleans desserts. The King Cake is a Mardi Gras tradition signifying the baby Jesus and the journey of the 3 Kings (AKA 3 Wisemen) to honor Him. In every King cake a baby jesus can be found, promising good luck to the one that finds it. The cake is decorated with 3 colors: Purple for “Justice”, Green for“Faith” and Gold for “Power”.

Ordering during Mardi Gras
Please note that due to the high volume of pre-orders we can not take new orders the Monday before Mardi Gras or on the Tuesday of Mardi Gras day. Orders will resume the following Wednesday.

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